Download Change My Software – Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP Editions

Ever wanted to feel Micorsoft Windows on Android Device? If yes, then today we are going to share a software called “Change My Software” by which you can run windows operating system on your Android Device. In this article we will be sharing a lot of useful information about how to run Windows OS on your Android smartphone as well as Software which makes it easy. You might be wondering, but it is true. Keep reading it and follow the instructions.

You know Android is most preferred OS than others. Number of Android users is increasing day by day and everyone is loving it because it can be customized the way they want. There are lot of Emulators available to run iOS, Nintendo Games, GBA Games etc. This way you can also use windows operating system on Android. All you need is to download Change My Software on your Android Phone and following simple steps you will be able to use Windows on it. This software will help you to boost your productivity anywhere anytime. You don’t need a heavy laptop while you can a windows operating system in your pocket.

You can not use most of the windows Softwares on android device or you can’t carry your Lappy always with yourself. What if you need to do urgent work on Windows? So with Change My Software make it easy for you. it lest you dual boot your Android Smartphone. So you can run your desired operating system Either Android or Windows on your Phone. You can run Windows softwares on android phone anywhere you are and finish your work without lappy. It will be great if you have a good smartphone/Tablet with high specification so windows can run smoothly. Change My Software for android is very easy to use. Once you try, you will love it.

Change My Software

Change My Software is now available in different editions, means you can run whatever windows edition 7/8/8.1/10 you want. You must know that Windows has Windows 7/8/8.1/10. In Change My Software windows 10 edition was not available but now they recently released it also. You can download all of the version from older to newer from the below section of post. Just Scroll down the page you will get Change My Software edition Windows xp to Windows 10. Do install it on your Smartphone whichever you like most

It works smooth almost every Android Device running on Android Version 4.4+. I would recommend you to download change my software on Android Smartphones with 1GB+ RAM and good Processor. So that it can run smoothly. If you have a good android device which you think is good and can run Windows smoothly then you can download and install it. You can install Windows 7.8/8.1/10 edition with Change My Software.

If you want to experience Windows operating system then It will be best to go for Latest Change My Software. I will be sharing all the Change My Software Windows Edition 7/8/8.1/10. After getting it installed on your Phone you can enjoy Windows Operating system without any issue. In order to install this you need to follow Steps to make it usable in Android phones. You can download Change My Software from the below links. Before going to download, let me tell me more about it so all your doubts and confusion gets out.

About Change My Software

You can see various smartphones running on Android, Windows, and iOS operating system. All the mobile have seperated Operating System, mean you can’t enjoy Windows on Android, Android on Windows Or iOS on Android. Here I got solution for Android users who want to enjoy Windows operating system on their Android Smartphone.

This is the only software is available which helps Android users to get Windows experience on their Android Smartphones. All you need to is, install it on Android phone properly and it lets you dual boot your Android device in Windows or Android OS. Isn’t cool?

Now you can ignore your plan to buy Windows phone instead if you can enjoy it on Android. Just Problem will be the Small Screen and nothing else. I know you can handly it :p .

Hope you got to know what and what is the use of it. Lets go and download.

System Requirements to run Change My Software

  • A Laptop or PC
  • Android Smartphone with USB Debugging Enabled. (google it if you don’t know).
  • A USB cable required
  • Internet Connection
  • 1 GB RAM in Smartphone but I prefer 2GB. It works well.
  • Internal Memory (Free 8 GB)
  • Latest Change My Software
  • and little Patience :p

Download Change My Software (Latest Version)

So finally you have reached to destination for which you came to this post. Before moving to download let me tell you something that’s not worthy but have a look. You will see many site which enable link after completing one survey. Even you may get survey to complete while downloading Change My Software latest version from other sites.

But here I am gonna share something completely free and we are taking nothing from you guys. Even you don’t need to complete any kind of survey. I have shared a direct link from which you can download all the Change My Software Windows 10 Edition, Windows 7/8/8.1. All the edition you will be getting in a single zip file. Just hit the download button. That’s it. Later you can extract it and use any of the edition inside it.


How to Install Change My Software

Once you download it from the link above now you gave to follow some simple steps and you are ready to boom. Follow the instruction below carefully. and Also Get ready with the Requirements mentioned above.

Before moving main steps I recommend you to enable USB debugging. To do that just go to Settings>>About Phone>>Build number >>Tap it 7 times to become developer. And Again go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. Now USB debugging is enabled. Now you can follow steps.

  • Download ADB Install and Install it. You can download it by clicking here
  • Now You have to connect your Mobile to PC via USB cable.
  • Now Extract the download RAR file on your PC and choose the Edition Which you want to get installed on the device.
  • Now open excutable File of Change My Software.
  • Now Choose Android>>Any Windows Edition (e.g. Windows 7/8/8.1/10). I am installing 8.1.Installing Window 8.1
  • By clicking next, software will check the compatibility of Android Device whether it supports it or not.Checking compatibility Change my software xp edition
  • Once it verify, again click on next button. You will see a Backup of your all personal files, Media. Selects options which you want to include in backup.Backup Creating
  • Take a Backup of it by clicking next button.
  • Now it will start downloading important drivers and files to proceed furtherchange my software Windows 8 edition
  • once this process gets done. Click on Next Button
  • Select your time zone and your preferred language and hit 7 edition
  • Now you have to choose disk where you want to install windows system. And Click Next Again.
  • Now Windows installation Process will be started and after few minutes It will be completed.
  • Now you need to personalize setting according to your need. That’s all.
  • Now Restart your device and it will dual boot and ask which OS you want to use in Windows and Android.Getting ready windows 10 edition

Other Change My Software Editions

If you want to download a particular Windows edition on your Android smartphone or you do prefer Change My Software Windows 7 Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Windows 8 Edition. So here I’m listing for your comfort. Process is same for all the Editions you are gonna use. You can download separate edition from the buttons below.

Some Requirement before installing any edition–

A PC/Laptop

USB Cable

Android Mobile with atleast 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Free Storage

Android Device must be USB debugging enabled

and any Edition 7/8/8.1/10

Change My Software Windows 7 Edition

In this edition, you will get Windows 7 installed in your device and will be experiemcing all windows 7 features on your Android device. You can try this edition if you are windows 7 lover.

Download Windows 7 Edition

Windows 8 Edition

If you are Windows 8 Lover, then you can try this edition.

Download Windows 8 Edition

Windows 8.1 Edition

Download Windows 8 Edition

Windows 10 Edition

Windows 10 edition is finally out. Get it by clicking the button below. I think there are many windows 10 lover so why do not give it a try as well. You’ll be getting Windows 10 installed and all features of it. Do try this also.

Download Windows 8 Edition

Windows XP Edition

Windows XP is no more. As It is closed by Microsoft. They have no responsibiity about its security and privacy. But still many people prefer windows XP over other Windows editions. So this is golden chance for XP lovers to try it out on their Android phones.

Download Windows 8 Edition

Video Guide to install Windows on Android

I have tried to take you through each and every step. If still any step is missed you can watch this video to install windows on Android using Change My Software.

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Final Note

Hope you will be able to install windows on your Android Device using the this software. I waled through each steps carefully so you do not face any difficulty while installing windows.

Change My Software is the only Software which lets you install windows on Android Device and best thing is You can choose use both System Android or Windows. If you want to use Windows, choose Windows in Dual Boot. If you want to use Android , you can choose Android. Isn’t cool? Two in one :p

If you are facing any kind of difficulty while completing the installation process or have any query then feel free to ask in comment box. I will be happy to help you out. If your friend is looking for the same then you can refer this to him. It will be great for both him and me.

Download Change My Software – Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP Editions
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