What is Service Host Superfetch? Fix its high CPU Usage!

If you are a Windows PC user then you might have faced Service Host Superfectch. Actually it causes High Disk Usage in your Desktop or Laptop. If you wanna get rid of this then keep reading this article for problem. You will end up with a Working Solution.

What does service host superfetch do?

Superfetch is part of Windows which is used for  Random Memory Management so that your application side the OS can run more smoother.

It helps installed third party apps and critical Windows components to perform common task quickly. Superfetch helps you to read and store data for regularly used apps directly from RAM. Even it doesn’t resort Hard Drive.

You know process in reading data in RAM is faster in compared to reading it from Hard Disk. Superfetch does open regularly used apps in a snap.

This way it boosts up your performance by doing below tasks-

  • It decreases boot time of your PC.
  • Load common Application faster
  • Learns your usage Pattern

Service Host Superfetch High Disk Usage Problem

Superfetch is same as Drive Caching. It copies all the common files to your RAM to load faster. It improves booting time of your PC. If your PC is made of outdated hardware then this is very common to face Superfetch High Disk Usage. 

Superfetch High Disk Usage could be a big problem. It uses your computer to its maximum ability to respond to I/O requests. It clears RAM and copies new files that you had been using recently. Once this process gets completed, it automatically reduce disk usage.

Should I disable it or not?

As I mentioned above, Due to its services High Disk usage isn’t always an issue. This is how service works to make your system faster.

When you keep working for hours on your PC, then this host service starts to fill up PC’s RAM with recently used apps and files. When the size increases over time,

Problem occurs.

If Superfetch service is always causing issue, then you probably want to disable it. Let me clear one thing before going to Disable, You can face some lag issues while opening those files which were stored in RAM. When It is enable, those files load faster. 

There are several method to disable it. You can follow any of the below method which seems easy to you. Before disabling it, make sure you read it carefully.

Disable Service Host Superfetch- Method-1

In this method, we are gonna disable it directly from Service. If are on Windows 10 then you can directly use search Box to open Service. Just Type Service, and Open first Result.

I am not sure you can open it in Windows 7/8 as well. You can follow the below Steps to open “Services

1- Press Windows Key+R to open Run dialogue. or simply you can type run in search box to get it opened.

2- Type “services.msc” without double quote in run dialogue box. and hit Enter key.

superfetch high usage

3- Now you can see a list of lot of services running on your PC.

4- Now navigate to Superfetch.


5- Right Click on it and select properties

6- You will see “Startup Type” in General Tab. In the drop-down menu, Disable it.

7- Under Service Status, choose Stop. and Hit OK. All Done ( Check below image)

Superfetch High CPU

Now Get back to Task Manager, you can check Disk Usage which should be Normal.

Delete Using Windows Registry – Method-2

You can also disable Service Host Superfetch (High Disk Usage) If you are not good at Registry, I would recommend you to try the above method. If you love to play with Registry Game, then this is for you.

1- First you need to open RUN dialogue by pressing Windows Key + R.

2- Now type “regedit” in command line and hit Enter.

3- After opening of Registry Manager, you will see many folders there, but you have to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

4- Under this folder, navigate to SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Session Manager > MemoryManagement > PrefetchParameters.

Service Host Superfetch

5- Now double click on EnableSuperfetch, you will see pop up like the below picture. and Set the Value to Zero (0).

Service Host Superfetch

6- and hit OK. That’s it. Now you can check the CPU usage in task Manager. It should report normal.

Ending Note

Hope this article is helpful for you guys. I tried to go through each step to make it more easier for you to understand each step very well. Now you can disable Superfetch High CPU usage easily following this guide. If you any of your friends faces this issue, you can also refer this article to him.

What is Service Host Superfetch? Fix its high CPU Usage!
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